This is the third time I have wrote out this post…

…so let’s just try to get through this.

My goals of are to provide a single place for many things.

I want to be able to efficiently and clearly share:

  • Experiences
    • blog posts
    • photos
    • stories
  • Photos
    • more photos
    • seemingly pointless photos
    • or important photos
    • with a story
    • or without a story
    • but with meaning
  • Links
    • resources – possibly an archive for my bookmarks
  • Podcast
    • I’ve listened too with a reviews
    • groupings of relevant or similar podcast presented in an order to topics can be understood
  • Projects
    • completed and inprogress
  • My work
    • old
    • current
    • new
    • future ideas

There is a certain vulnerability that comes with sharing your work, thoughts and habits with the world, especially in the modern era. Like, oh no, what will a potential employer think? Obviously this can have potentially unforeseen consequences but I believe the net positive outweighs the potential negative. I don’t want potential negatives to get in the way of the benefit that can be had from sharing. With that being said, I will attempt to avoid perfection (likely obvious) in the attempt to openly invite you into my world. Let the fun begin.